NATURAL INDUSTRIAL ODOUR CONTROL SYSTEMS. Effective thanks to science. Safe thanks to nature. Ecosorb uses the power of plants to eliminate smells, making you a better neighbor and more responsible citizen.

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Some facilities see mixed results from multimillion dollar ventilation system installations. Others use masking scents that only give temporary relief from troubling smells. But when it comes to giving relief for your employees and neighbors, only Ecosorb® by OMI Industries offers natural, safe, effective, and complete removal of industrial odours.

Industries We Serve

We serve small businesses to Fortune 500 Companies and all industries, from Schools and Hospitals to Major Manufacturing Facilities.


With years of industry knowledge and experience we bring value, innovative solutions and services that we adapt and customize to fit your needs.


You know the scents: tropical breeze, cherry bomb, rose petal. They’re commonly used fragrances used to “hide” industrial odours. Despite the pleasant names, most masking fragrances are anything but natural. And other chemical-based odour removers can be harmful to the people who use or come into contact with them.

Ecosorb uses simple science to harness the power of plants as natural odour removers to create earth-friendly industrial odour eliminators. Our proprietary blend of oils includes those from pine, aniseed, clove, lime and other sources that tackle the toughest smells without dangerous side effects.

It all starts with the quality of raw materials we use. We use ingredients that come from nature, are sustainable, and do not hurt the environment. Each ingredient is quarantined and carefully tested before being blended into Ecosorb.

But even the best ingredients would be ruined by contaminated water. Our in-house reverse osmosis (RO) and carbon filtering systems create the purest water possible.


Detailed testing data proves Ecosorb works as an effective, earth-friendly industrial odour eliminator across a variety of markets. The odour-destroying powers of Ecosorb are supported by research by independent labs, universities and olfactometry researchers. Each has proven its safety and effectiveness – something that sets Ecosorb apart from other odour control products.

Independent firms, both in the U.S. and internationally, were used to ensure accurate, unbiased results. We also continually test Ecosorb products and develop new custom blends in our state-of-the-art R&D center to ensure consistency, effectiveness, and quality.

ODOUR Solutions

Ecosorb provides odour removing solutions for virtually every odour, every industry, every plant, factory, or facility. Our industrial deodorizers are available as water-based, gel, of additive formulas depending on the environment and odour type.

Odour eliminating products and equipment.

Maintenance Hole Gel Insert

Placed inside manholes to “scrub” escaping air of odours; Used For: Odourous gas escaping from underground


Infused directly into product with no effect on quality; Used For: Asphalt binders, petroleum oils, synthetic oils, rubber, plastics

Spray Gel

Applied to top of open solutions to keep odours from escaping. Used For: Waste trucks, landfills, food processing trucks

Vapor Phase (Vaporization)

Dry mist distributed without added water; Used For: Airborne odour treatment in small or large spaces


Mixed with water and sprayed by nozzles or fans; Used For: Airborne odour treatment at landfills, water treatment plants or manufacturing facilities